What's New @ Doug's Lawn Care

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What's New @ Doug's Lawn Care


To keep, Dougs Lawn Care, growing and moving forward.
I have purchased a brand new John Deere - Z540R Z-turn Mower
It features a High Capacity 54" cut mower deck and is powered by
a 24HP Kawaski engine. (see -PHOTO PAGE- for a picture of it.)



I am now able to accept your...

 VISA, MASTER, DISCOVER and American Express Cards

(both credit or debit cards)

Swiping them anywhere via my smartphone

If this is how you would like to pay your next bill, just

call me, or ask me for details the next time you see me.

And as always, you may still pay using a Check, Money Order or your

Paypal account and my email address: dougslawncare1991@yahoo.com


A Faster, more Secure way of paying me:

You May Now Pay Me, Doug's Lawn Care, by using PayPal.Me
Simply Click here or just copy & paste this ULR...


...into your browsers address bar and then pushing your "Enter" key.

Note: You do not need a PayPal account to use this method, all you need is a Credit or a Debit card.

The reason this method is more secure is that I never see your card number or

any information on your card, PayPal only sends me your payment amount.

 (315) 963-3845


To get your free fair value estimate, From your smartphone

- Click Here -

Your phone should dial

my estimates phone number 1 315 963-3845. Thank you